The chinese captain standing by his command chair turned and looked toward sonar station three the towed array whose passive equipment had most reliably tracked the american. The captain hadnt left the bridge for more than an hour in four days.

The general was sitting at a desk of sleek pale wood certainly not government issue the edges of its top slightly rounded its proportions balanced and delicate. The door closed behind lao he braced his eyes on the bent bald head of the man behind the desk.

And because theres no direct contact with the outside world scribes pen any letters to families on central store papyrus and arrange their despatch no one hears about couples who simply calf off from society or the likes of middleaged women. Claudia performed the introductions adding that it was a long story but it seemed the new recruits family were none too enamoured with him joining the brothers and had sent four of his cousins to dissuade him.

But no after much zealous searching the fat bull passed the test its eyes no doubt still watering from where pennos studious tweezers had plucked out any offending black hairs earlier.

Now here she was poking around again muddying waters which ought by rights to be left placid asking questions where none should be asked. In here a sunken bath was surrounded by white marble statues whose lifeless toes pirouetted on glazed floor tiles lit by a score of alabaster lamps.

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